My past history with computers

When I first heard of computers I was in the second year of secondary school. It was around 1974… Mustafa Tigrek mentioned it. His older brother was a student at ODTÜ University. He showed me some punctured square pieces of paper and explained their relationship to computers.

The silence of the night, thoughts, memories, and Sezen Aksu…

You say you are amazed at how much fits into one lifetime, but at the same time you get lost in dreams that do not fit into one lifetime. You arrive at the point where you say: Everything already exists in this world but at the same time there is nothing.

Education is essential!

The main aim of an education system is to explain the facts that lie behind events, to understand them and then to communicate them… this is the basis for basic education, undergraduate and post graduate education…

The thing called history!

Where are those history tutors whose names I engraved on my mind although I always faltered when it came to history…

Uncle Ahmet

He was so young that he did not even have a moustache yet. One day Atilla and I were walking together, he in front and I behind. We stopped at a path which was only wide enough for goats to pass. Atilla was a village kid. He knew all the paths. He stepped on the root of a pine tree and jumped to the other side. I could neither proceed nor turn back.

The tears of the old man

He was one of the highest souls I had met, someone I was proud to know. He had a post, he was a Sheikh. So was his father. What Gül Baba was in Budapest and what many other adorers of God were in the East and West, he was that for the town of Elazığ.