Art and Psychiatry

What Are Progress and Development?

The concepts “progress”, “development and “change” have become a part of our daily lives.  We hear things like “progressive, changeable, developmental” almost every day.  But what are they? It is possible to say that the concept of progress and the origin of the discussions around almost date back to the same time.

What are Consciousness and Being Conscious?

The concept of consciousness is probably one of the concepts we use the most in our daily lives.  Being the fundamental concept of psychology (and psychiatry) today, consciousness is also a significant concept for epistemology, a sub-branch of philosophy.

Relation Between Reason and Understanding

With the famous quote “Cogito ergo sum / I think therefore I am” by Descartes who is shown among the initial figures of the modern philosophy, the researches on the superiority of what is reasonable, and its decisiveness became intensified.

Relation Between Reason and Morality

Since quite ancient times, the relation claimed or hoped to exist between reason and morality has been an issue contemplated by humans who have attempted to provide various answers for this old question. For hundreds and thousands of years, answers have been sought for many questions like what kind of a structure the so-called ability “reason” has, how it is used, what morality is and how it emerged.