Balance is the Key

I’m writing this article as the assistant editor of “Clinical EEG and Neuroscience”, a significant journal of its own field that is committed to electrophysiology to express my gratitude to those putting their efforts in this matter.

Psychiatric Drugs and Sexuality

It is known that psychiatric drugs have certain side effects. Amongst these there are also sexual side effects. The phases of desire, arousal and orgasm in the sexual process can suffer side effects from these drugs. These appear as arousal disorder which can be experienced in the form of decreased sexual desire, vaginal discharge disorder in women or erection disorder in men, and as delayed orgasm disorder.

Psychiatric Disorders and Sex

Sexual desire, or libido as it is called, has an important place in humans’ life. It is not just related to sexuality, but to many aspects of life, as sexuality and sexual desire are interrelated with behavior, emotions, and social issues. Although sexual desire is predominantly regulated by hormones it is also affected by environmental, physical and emotional processes. Particularly in people with psychological problems we see alongside of emotional and behavioral changes also a deterioration of sexual desire and sex life.

Psychiatry and Sexuality

What is Sexuality? Sexuality is a term which the public mainly associates with sex. However, sexuality is a term that covers the sexual organs, gender and reproduction and also sexual orientation, attitude, behavior, public values, desire and pleasure. This means that whilst sexuality provides the human with certain biological properties it also has an effect on the person’s behavior, emotions, relationships and choices.

Taking a Schizophrenic Patient to the Doctor

Relatives and friends of a schizophrenic patient, and people close to the patient usually find themselves at a loss as to what to do. The difference between the real world and the world of these patients, who are unable to distinguish between imagination and reality, also has a negative impact on the patient’s relationship with other persons. People close to the patient may suffer psychologically during this process, and may even stop associating with the patient. They may not know how to help the patient, and may not be able to prevent problems relating to a job and lodging which are needed by the patient.

Depression and Diet

Depression, one of the mood disorders, is a psychological disorder in which the person experiences feelings of sadness, hopelessness, guilt and sorrow; where alongside of symptoms like fatigue and inability to enjoy life there is deterioration in sleep and dietary patterns.