What are Psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests are tools used for measuring the personality traits of the individual (Eysenck, MMPI, Myers-Briggs, Rorschach), emotional state (Beck Depression Inventory), behavior, abilities, creativity, mental capacity (Wechsler, Bayley), mental process (WISC), language and motor skills.

Tests suggested for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

The following tests are suggested for an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease:

A tuberculosis drug in psychiatry!

A drug called D-Sikloserin which is used in the treatment of tuberculosis can be effective as an addition treatment in cases where psychiatric treatment has failed.

Sport and psychiatry

According to a research carried out in China, sports activities can prevent the progress of psychosis; in fact they may present the power to prevent early psychosis.

Sugar leads to dementia

The higher the blood glucose level the higher the risk of dementia. 115 mg/dl carries more risk than 100 mg/dl. In diabetics the risk is much higher.

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