Short Stories

Two Teardrops

He was four when his father committed suicide. It didn’t take a long time for his mother to leave him. During those days, his dear poor grandfather looked after him.

An Angry Man

He spent his childhood years on the third floor of an old, wooden building. There were many cats in the house… It took him years to understand that the elders of the house petted them with a great attention to make them catch the mice.

Sadomasochism: A Devilish Set-up

He was shivering to the facial muscles. He refused the tea he was offered. He couldn’t even hold the cup. “What a pathetic situation.” thought the doctor.
He kindly asked what his complaint was. After a long while, the man broke his silence.

Being the Lesser of Two Evils

The fat and short man had messy hair. It was obvious that hadn’t shaved for days. His teeth turned yellow. In short, self-care was a thing left in the past. With a hopeless tone in his voice, to the physician “Set me free of this trouble, and I will give you everything I have.”, he said. He put the key of his car on the physician’s table. That was the first thing he offered.

Gambling: A Spiritual Pus

He had been aggressive since his childhood. Nearly all his peers feared him. When unable to find to something to get angry with, he would turn to God. Aggression was virtually a hereditary characteristic passed to him from his grandfathers.

When the Wheat and the Chaff Become Inseparable

The destitute old man was telling the story with an honorable posture. But he failed to hold back the supplication in his eyes.