Epilepsy and Conversion Relationship: The Importance of EEG

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder, which is characterized by recurrent episodes upon the occurrence of excessive electrical discharge as the brain shows abnormal electrical activities following the deterioration of its normal activity.

Conversion disorder

It is a psychiatric picture where neurological disorders are mimicked and where in spite of examination and tests no explanation can be found for the symptoms.

Another Misleading Patient:  Is it Psychiatric?  Is it Neurological?

A female patient, 36, was going from door to door for a full month, and was being sent back home with one comment she heard “It is probably conversion”.

Blind faith!

We should pay attention to new developments. We should have a look at them. Even if they raze to the ground what we knew until then, we should bravely talk to friends and to those who are informed and should try to understand it before we believe in it. And of course we should not jump at anything that is called new but first be sure that we have understood it before we believe in it.

Case 2

It was a day on which I was on call. A male patient arrived, around 40 years of age, with his collar open to reveal a gold chain, wearing a red silk shirt, patent leather shoes, and trousers ironed to perfection. I later found out that he was a newspaper reporter.


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