Science, Us and Our Depression

Looking at the scientific situations in our country, we see that the scientific tradition has been interrupted despite the extremely bright periods we had deep inside the history.

Implementation of TMS in Depression

Major depression is a mood disorder characterized by emotional, behavioral and cognitive dysfunction. Individuals having depression history in their families have a higher risk of suffering from depression.

Depression Patients and Family Support

Depression is a compulsive and highly repetitive disorder that decreases functionality. Not the only the patients but also their relative face similar problems, such as disappointment, exhaustion, despair, etc. The pessimism of the patient is thought to be reflected on his/her relatives too.

Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression is also known as “puerperal syndrome” or “postpartum syndrome”. Postnatal depression is a universal disorder that is curable.

DeeDeep TMS and Depression

The rate of depression patients, who do not react to the treatment despite drugs and psycho-social interventions, is thought to be 15%. The emotional, social and economic hardships still continue in these patients despite the treatment.

Memories and depression

Memories are sometimes hurtful, sometimes kind… But if you are constantly thinking about the past and hurting, if the future does not seem to exist and you can’t concentrate on the moment you live in, and not even keep your attention on conversations, you may be suffering from serious depression!