Epilepsy and Conversion Relationship: The Importance of EEG

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder, which is characterized by recurrent episodes upon the occurrence of excessive electrical discharge as the brain shows abnormal electrical activities following the deterioration of its normal activity.

The link between epilepsy and psychiatry

– What is epilepsy, which shared area of disciplines does it come under?
Before we define epilepsy we have to define seizures. A seizure is a spontaneous sudden discharge of the brain cells (neurons). In order to be called epilepsy the patient has to have had at least one such seizure and carry the risk of having others. Epilepsy comes mainly within the field of psychiatry and neurology.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback Nedir?

Humans being a bio-psycho-sociocultural creature makes personal and diversified treatment methods a necessity. In addition to pharmacological attempts, secondary treatments and complementary methods can accelerate the solution of the problems experienced by the people in the treatment of the disorders. Neurofeedback is one of these complementary methods.

Another Misleading Patient:  Is it Psychiatric?  Is it Neurological?

A female patient, 36, was going from door to door for a full month, and was being sent back home with one comment she heard “It is probably conversion”.

Bipolar Treatment and its Effects on Creativity

Although lacking a global definition, creativity is described as “the desire/tendency to see atypical connections”. Scales on creativity determine the ability of “thinking differently” and the level of creativity through the wide, analytical, finding rational solutions and insight sub-scales.

Evil Spirits

The middle-sized, bellied, chunky man was smiling while sitting in front of the doctor. He was quite cheerful. He made a classic opening by saying “My story is a little long and complicated!” It was classical because all patients would do the same.