Use of psychiatric drugs during pregnancy

Psychiatric drugs are chemical agents which are being used in the treatment of many neuropsychiatric disorders, the most common ones being depression and anxiety disorder.

Pregnancy and psychiatry

– When do problems associated with pregnancy start?
Pregnancy is regarded in periods of 3 months. These are referred to “trimesters”. Medically, the problems associated with pregnancy start in the first trimester. Psychiatric symptoms usually surface during that period.

Homosexual People

Homosexual People

Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression is also known as “puerperal syndrome” or “postpartum syndrome”. Postnatal depression is a universal disorder that is curable.

Migraine and dTMS

In recent years, migraine has become one of the most common nervous system diseases in the world with a steady increase. Peter Goadsby, a Neurology Professor in King’s College London, defined migraine as “a hereditary-oriented headache progressing with sensory disorders .

Somatization disorder

It is characterised by various somatic symptoms which cannot be explained by physical examination or laboratory tests. It was previously called hysteria.