Antidepressants and the probability of permanent recovery

It is known that within one month antidepressants improve depression by over 50%. However, I have observed that their positive effect on memory becomes evident only after 3-4 months. When the RNA of animals who have memorized the path of a labyrinth, is injected into animals who do not know the path, the result demonstrates that learning occurs spontaneously. Looking at this wonderful data I remember the relationship between memory and RNA. From this I draw the conclusion that depression has an impact on genetics in the brain and that this is the reason why repair of the memory occurs at a later stage. And I believe that treatment impacts genetics. This I think is also the reason why the earlier the patient terminates an antidepressant therapy the greater the risk of a recurrence of the depression. In the light of all this I consider that the correct medication and dosage applied for the appropriate length of time does produce irreversible recovery. A little complicated but it is good news, is it not?