A Matter of Objective and Physiological Intelligence of my Patients

The one who doesn’t know their objective is like the leaves shed in the fall. They look beautiful. But they are stepped over by all. They are scattered around. Those who have an objective, on the other hand, are like deep-rooted plane trees. Healthy, useful, solid, ageless, and many other things…

Those Who Hit the Rock Bottom and Doctors

He had a messy hair, his eyes were completely red. He was nervous, he was at the last possible point… His entire body was shivering. The man at his early forties was in panic. He was having a sleep problem for days, he was in such a lunatic state.

The Issue of Porn

Researches show that more than 90% of the entire humankind, female-male, young-old, watch porn. According to the research made by the famous Kinsey Institute in 2002, %9 of that humankind are becoming addicts.

After the Rose

Spring couldn’t get enough of freshness. All of the flowers were glowing. In the meantime, I was a flower at the age of seven, and I was like that like all the children were.

American Betty vs a Brazilian Woman

This America taught me a lot. Particularly Betty… An American of Irish descent. A selfish woman lacking empathy. An obese, buff, old woman. A cunning American wearing a hat with its shade facing backwards, a jacket with a “Yankee” sign in the back, a pair of jeans, and brown boots. She plays bowling, chews gum, listens to Frank Sinatra… That’s how American she was…

Being Different

Do you know what the biggest problem of fraternal twins is? To be the same. Who can forget about our teachers saying “You are special!”? Aren’t the people we fall in love with the ones who say “You are the only one!”?

The The Power of Humanity, The Rhythm of Music, and an Arab Kid in this Massive World

Recently, I’ve been listening to dance music that is a mix of Arabic, Turkish and Spanish. More precisely, I cannot get enough of them. What a wiggly rhythm, such a warm note, what a great culture, dear God, what a beauty is this, what an amazing sound…

Characteristics of a Good Psychiatrist

This time, under the title of professorship, I would like to answer the questions “How should a good psychiatrist be?” asked by the assistance of mine, by the students who are planning on starting this occupation, by brothers/sisters who wish to choose psychiatry as a field of expertise, and by the general public.

Science, Us and Our Depression

Looking at the scientific situations in our country, we see that the scientific tradition has been interrupted despite the extremely bright periods we had deep inside the history.

Homosexual People

Homosexual People

Foreign Lands

It was mid-60s, the years where mother and father had all the attention on themselves. We were in an Anatolian district. In beautiful Afşin. Beyond Maraş, behind the mountain range…

Oh, This Matter of Heart!

Having a conversation with him was like having that conversation on a Mediterranean beach at summer nights. It was the times where I was relentlessly humiliated and excluded, with nobody else left in the world. We met at such a moment.