Art and Psychiatry

“The Name of the Rose” or a Passion of Reality Toward Dogma

Umbert Eco (1932-2016) was one of the most important intellectuals/academicians of our age. Although he was essentially a specialist in the fields of Medieval philosophy, history, culture and the history of Christianity, his fundamental fields of study also included linguistics and philosophy.

Darwin and Currency of the Idea of Evolution in the 160th year of On the Origin of Species

By the end of November (November 24), On the Origin of Species, the monumental work of Charles Darwin, will celebrate its 160th anniversary. With the 160 years that have went by, this book and this theme continue to be at the heart of new studies with every passing day, let alone losing its currency as an idea of evolution that is not limited to biology in general. Let’s focus on this matter.

The Meaning of Science, or What is Science Good For?

Where do we have science in our lives as a society? Do scientific studies have any place or do they bear any traces in the modern social life styles that we live? Well, is there an essential correlation between the concepts of life, science and criticism? If so, what kind of a correlation is this? Let’s try to find some answers on whether science changes and improves our lives.
Science is present in all aspects of life through its concrete practices even if it becomes difficult to be aware of it in the fast pace of daily life. Scientific outputs and social life have been integrated. We are living with the results of scientific studies on quite a wide spectrum from electronics to Internet, or from transportation to energy. (The tense relation between the social benefits provided by science and the evil that occurs as a consequence of the abuse of scientific products is not the topic of this article.) Let’s continue with this topic by giving examples over the most important problem that has been (and that should be) in the agenda of Turkey recently. Earthquake. It is unpleasant to even mention its name, but all the same, it is urgent and necessary to do it now more than ever.
Scientific studies executed with the intersection of various scientific branches clearly show that the region, which includes Istanbul as well, is in an earthquake zone. Istanbul and its surroundings are on an active fault line. Thus, a major destructive earthquake is highly probable. Researchers are making statistical models for this. This topic is as clear as daylight in company with scientific data: There are no controversial or ambiguous sides to this.

Climate Change, Human and Social Justice

“Climate”, as a geographical term, is defined by the Turkish Language Association as follows: “The state that is based on the average impacts of many years, which occur depending on weather conditions in any place of the earth”.

Human and Nature Relationship:  An Opponent or a Part?

The history of the relationship between human and nature is a relationship that is as deep-rooted and old as the history itself. Humans are compulsorily born into nature. The question of how this relationship is going to be now seems to be of even more importance than ever for all of us.

Nesin Villages and a Unique Style of Education

Since 2007, the Nesin Mathematics Village has been present with a unique functioning and rationale in Şirince neighborhood of Selçuk district of Izmir province.  This was the first name of the village.  Then, this place changed its name into “Nesin Villages” with the addition of the Philosophy and Art villages.

What Does the Language Build? On Language and Communal Life

We are living among the realities built on humanitarian and communal planes. This field includes money, companies, all institutions, possession, social classes, marriage/divorce, races, genders, works, artworks, language and law, all of which are social realities built by humans.

Life as a total of our choices

One of the fundamental questions in the history of thought is whether we, the humans, or the things/structures that are at bigger and invincible levels are the essential determinant of our choices. This is called a “freewill problem” or “determinism problem” in short. Let’s try to have a closer look at this situation which we frequently encounter both in our daily lives and ideal adventures.

Language and Thought:  A State of Being Twins

Manifestation and outbound expression of a thought come in sight over the language.  Language and thought: Plus, it would not be correct to establish a linear relationship of sequence between these two concepts.  Because they are virtually an integrated form of one another.

Cities and Individual-Communal Life

Yaklaşık yarım asır önce Türkiye toplumunun yüzde 75-80’i köylerde/kırda yaşıyordu. Bugün ise artık bu yüzde tam tersine dönmüş durumdadır. Türkiye toplumunun yüzde 75-80’i artık kentlerde/şehirlerde yaşıyor. Dünya genelinde de benzeri bir yüzde ve eğilim vardır.