Art and Psychiatry

Cities and Individual-Communal Life

Yaklaşık yarım asır önce Türkiye toplumunun yüzde 75-80’i köylerde/kırda yaşıyordu. Bugün ise artık bu yüzde tam tersine dönmüş durumdadır. Türkiye toplumunun yüzde 75-80’i artık kentlerde/şehirlerde yaşıyor. Dünya genelinde de benzeri bir yüzde ve eğilim vardır.

Curiosity and Development of Humans

Is it a bad thing for people to have the sense of curiosity, which is quite hard to describe what it is or how it functions? Is this a search that is harmful for people in various ways? In this article, let’s focus on the positive relationship and topic, which I believe to be between curiosity and humans/humanity.

(New) Year and Time Perception

The following three lines of the poem titled “Since I’ve Been Locked Up”, a significant part of the precious complete works of the great poet Nazım Hikmet Ran, present an effective description of time, years, and the perception created by them.

Social Climate and Mood/Mental Health

“Mood”, meaning state of mind, as it is called “mod” in Turkish, is commonly tended to be taken into consideration as a thing that is solely within the borders of individuality, or as a subject matter that is solely related to the individual’s own physical-mental integrity and health.

On Art and its Social Reception

Recently, the movie titled “Müslüm” has come to the big screen, focusing on the biography of Müslüm Gürses who passed away five years ago. Most likely, millions of people watched this movie at the movie theaters in all cities of the country. As the displays still continue, many other people keep watching the movie as these lines are being written.

Does History Change and What Does it Mean for People?

Even in our daily lives, we generally hear remarks, such as “History does not change”, referring to specific constancies. Within those, initially, there is a meaning that what’s “current” will remain so, and function as “status quo” (then current situation). Attempts to weaken the contextual power of the category of change have been built so deep that they can penetrate into daily life.