Neurofeedback and Anxiety

Neurofeedback (Sinirsel Geribildirim) ve Anksiyete

Anxiety… Uneasiness, tension in muscles, difficulty in focusing, early exhaustion, and almost spending the greater part of the day in worry and apprehension…

Stigmatization in Psychiatry

Psikiyatride Stigmatizasyon

Besides being a concept that was used in ancient times as a method to brand the bodies of slaves and criminals with a red-hot iron in order to exhibit those people, stigmatization appears as an attempt to marginalize or to classify people due to specific characteristics they have, despite having the same logical grounds in social sciences, primarily in sociology and psychology. Throughout the history, individuals, who were marginalized or considered as people to be kept away from, were always stigmatized through the opinions of the people, and not always necessarily with a red-hot iron, in many societies. The categorization and classification of people appear to be a pattern of behavior that the majority, consciously or unconsciously, have.

P300 Findings in Schizophrenia Disorder

Şizofreni Hastalığında P300 Bulguları

Schizophrenia in General

Schizophrenia is a challenging, complex and serious psychiatric disorder that hurts people. Although the symptoms of schizophrenia vary from patient to patient, these symptoms generally include deteriorations in psychosocial functionality, disorganized behaviors, hallucinations, delusions, irregular affect. In the majority of the cases encountered, the disorder generally progresses sneakily. The aforementioned symptoms do not occur all at once, but slowly. While the lifelong prevalence of the disorder is 1%, it generally starts earlier in men, and it appears in the late adolescence/early adulthood periods at the latest.

To be Born a Murderer

Katil Doğmak

Could those, who are born with aggressiveness and violence-related genes, have more potential to become a murderer or to go psychopath? To what extent can a biological disposition of a person make them inclined to violence and aggressiveness?

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback Nedir?

Humans being a bio-psycho-sociocultural creature makes personal and diversified treatment methods a necessity. In addition to pharmacological attempts, secondary treatments and complementary methods can accelerate the solution of the problems experienced by the people in the treatment of the disorders. Neurofeedback is one of these complementary methods.

P300 and its Fundamental Components…

Under which symptoms does the P300 method help us in assessing psychiatric disorders? How is P300, a type of electro-physiological assessments, used if you have anxiety?