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Treatment of Anxiety Disorder

Kaygı Bozukluğunun Tedavisi

General characteristics of anxiety disorder in individuals: It is generally described as the state of feeling nervous, aggressive, troubled and uneasy without any reason, and in a way people cannot overcome in daily life. Physical manifestation of such mental depressions in the body is observed as sweating, shivering, shortness of breath, muscle contraction, dizziness and nausea. These symptoms, which are quite negatively reflected on social relationships, affect people’s daily lives, while making night sleep of the person problematic. All these indications signify anxiety disorders, rather than a normal anxiety in terms of the level of anxiety.

Basic Information on Anxiety

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most important functions of our mental world. It is a clear expression that our brain is in need of something. Specific requirements, such as hunger, thirst, sexual needs, are felt through the presence of anxiety. The question “What is Anxiety?” can be immediately answered by saying that anxiety is an absolute must.

Sex Addiction and Treatment Techniques

Seks Bağımlılığı ve Tedavi Teknikleri

All addictions quite negatively affect the life quality of the addicts. Sex addiction is of a more sensitive structure compared to some other addictions. For instance, patients having gambling or alcohol addiction are treated by keeping them away from gambling games or alcohol, while it is more difficult to apply this method in sex addiction. Because sex is a need as long as it is within an ideal frequency.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Regarding Romantic Relationships

As specified in their researches by authors Ezgi Trak and Müjgan İnözü; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCB) is a disorder, which shows symptom types with different contents, such as transmission, contamination, arrangement, control, damaging-getting damaged, sexuality, being religious, and which varies from patient to patient. It is clear as day that interpersonal relationships and particularly romantic relationships have a significant role in people’s being in a good mood. If romantic relationships are satisfactory, this situation functions as a protective factor in people in terms of coping with problems and difficulties.

Caffeine Addiction and Psychiatry

Being the most common stimulant used today, caffeine has become a drug that is easy to reach as a result of its excessive consumption. Considered a sub-member of the substance use disorder, caffeine addiction was classified as a clinical disorder by the World Health Organization and took its place in the DSM-5 manual under the title “substance abuse disorder”.

Epilepsy and Conversion Relationship: The Importance of EEG

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder, which is characterized by recurrent episodes upon the occurrence of excessive electrical discharge as the brain shows abnormal electrical activities following the deterioration of its normal activity. This is a disorder, which requires a serious expert follow-up and treatment and which requires one to be patient and use objective methods while diagnosing it. Epileptic episodes are significant in terms of differential diagnosis based on age and the way these episodes occur.