Recent Developments on OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is briefly defined by the repetitive disturbing thoughts and the repetitive behaviors made to get rid of them. There are two phases where it rises and becomes apparent during the lifetime: Late-childhood (6-11) or early adolescence (11-15) and early adulthood (20-29).

Researches on Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder appears in cases that require social communication and performance; the patients feels uneasy about being watched. An apparent and continuous fear of making mistakes prevents the patient from getting involved in social environments. This fear does not depend on the attributes of the social environment; any social communication would be enough for an increase in anxiety (conversation, making presentations, answering questions, camera, etc.).

Basic Information on EEG

Electroencephalography (EEG) is utilized to see the electro-physiological dynamics of the brain through the placement of metal electrodes on the head without any surgical intervention. Electro-physiological dynamics are visible on the screen in the form of zigzags. These dynamics provide information about cognitive skills and disorders. They can be viewed during the sleep or wakefulness.

Schizophrenic Patients and Family Support

Having a lexical meaning of “division of the mind”, schizophrenia appears between the ages of 15-35 and causes changes in the appearance, emotions, thoughts and behaviors of the person.

Why is pharmacological treatment is not enough by itself in schizophrenia?

Pharmacological treatment in schizophrenia has effects on symptoms such as hallucinations, deliriums, aggressiveness, lack of attention and desire, emotional blunting, decrease in self-care.  Nevertheless, a supportive psychosocial intervention is needed for complaints regarding social relations.

Emotional Expression and Psychiatric Disorders

The concept of “emotional expression” is named as a combination of the positive or negative warnings, interventions and moods shown against those with disorders.