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What is Trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania is a psychiatric disorder, in which the individual pulls out his/her own hair or body hair due to uncontrollable compulsions.

The Importance of Quality of Life

By its general meaning, quality of life is the convenience of reaching a level of wealth and prosperity. It stands for the individual having ideal conditions based on the place of s/he lives and her/his own culture. It means that the targets, expectations and standards the individual would be satisfied with are in harmony with the conditions, culture and values s/he is living by. In other words, this is the state of having no major differences with the ideal living conditions and the actual conditions of the individual.

Creativity and Bipolar Disorder

The prevalence rate of mood disorders observed in artists for years has made us think about the relation between these disorders and creativity. The studies made on different artist groups (authors, musicians, painters, etc.) support the correlation between bipolar disorder and creativity.

Bipolar Treatment and its Effects on Creativity

Although lacking a global definition, creativity is described as “the desire/tendency to see atypical connections”. Scales on creativity determine the ability of “thinking differently” and the level of creativity through the wide, analytical, finding rational solutions and insight sub-scales.

Endophenotypes in Psychiatry

The concept of genotype provides information about the DNA structure of an organism. The concept of phenotype, however, is the view of this organism that appears upon the interaction of the genotype and environmental conditions. While a research is made on diseases, their phenotypes are analyzed so that it will be possible to make interpretations on diagnosis, treatment and preventive factors based on genetic factors and environmental conditions.

Empathy and Sympathy

The empathic ability is one of the serious health indicators. It is the capacity of comprehending what others feel or think at that moment, independently of one’s own feelings and thoughts.