Evil Spirits

The middle-sized, bellied, chunky man was smiling while sitting in front of the doctor. He was quite cheerful. He made a classic opening by saying “My story is a little long and complicated!” It was classical because all patients would do the same. It would be a futile effort for the physician to ask him to tell about his current complaints. In response, he started to tell from the very beginning.

He had been married for three years. They couldn’t have children. Following the elaborate examinations carried out, it would be revealed that he could not produce sperms.

Various treatments were tried. They were still being tried, but there was no progress yet.

One day, he told his wife that she could leave him if she wanted to. She was a young woman after all. She loved children very much. And he was hopeless. In that case, it would be the best for her to divorce and have a new life.

But his wife loved him very much indeed. “We don’t necessarily have to have children.” she said. “You and I are all we need.” However, for the sake of being rational, the young man insisted that his decision is correct and almost pressured his wife to divorce. But his feelings told otherwise. He loved his wife. He was sad and felt for her when she was close to tears upon her resistance and rejection to divorce.

The issue was reflected on his family. His parents gave advices. They even got angry. Failing that, they came to a conclusion that the man was captured by evil spirits! The family came from the heart of Anatolia to settle in Istanbul. This kind of belief could be considered normal in cultural terms.

Thus, many exorcists were visited. The exorcists interpreted the case quite differently. As they spoke with a single voice, they would acknowledge the parents to be right. Unfortunately, the young man was fully under the effects of evil spirits. According to one of them, the man even married to one of these evil spirits and had two children as well. The only remedy was exorcism. They visited the most skillful exorcists of Istanbul. The young man told his adventures to the physician one by one. He particularly emphasized one of them, it must be very effective for him. This time, the exorcist was a hulky woman. As far as he told, she looked like bath attendants. She was a strong woman with beard and mustache. She laid the poor man down, got onto him and start to scratch every bit of his body. What a scratching it was. The patient would literally want to scream out loud with tears coming out of his eyes but could not make any sound. After the session, he said to this father “We are never coming this place again!” But he failed to make him believe in the torture he suffered from. The father would ask about the scratches, but she would say that the exorcism operation was carried out over the clothes, so there were no traces.

Telling them that the evil spirits came in from the ear, another exorcist would pull the earlobes and blow inside the ears in full force. He would leave the sessions with blood red ears and become unable to hear for a certain period of time. But the evil spirits somehow did not want to come out. By the way, each session was chargeable. As the evil spirits resisted, the family became financially weak.

Finally, the young man couldn’t take it anymore and started to see evil spirits. Some dark objects of miscellaneous dimensions. Now, he entered the world of spirits.

Then the mother made the diagnosis and decided to take him to a psychiatrist. The monies paid to the exorcists were effective in this decision.

The physician carefully listened to the story. He finely asked the questions needed. He assessed the answers. He reviewed all possible diagnoses. He also studied the possibility of epilepsy.

In the end, he couldn’t find any significant, major disease that would require intervention.

After all, it could all be explained with culture. Plus, the young man was quite open for advices yet at the same time had a self-opinionated and stubborn personality.

In brief, he was sane but would be suggested to think healthily. A few sessions of psychotherapy would also be included to make it easier for him.