Fear… Is one of the most important emotions. It is the feeling that emerges when we sense that our health, life, status, power, security, wealth, richness or anything else that is of value is threatened. After having made such an academic entrance, I would like to continue with my personal thoughts.

In my opinion fear is at the front of all the things that give direction to your life – please note that I said life… Your life is spent with the feeling of fear and with taking precautions. You role-play out of fear. You lie out of fear. In short, you stop being yourself. Fear creates a life for you that does not relate to you. You enter it and get lost in it. Now you are no longer yourself. Your identity, personality is under custody. You become a faint-hearted obscure paper-tiger. If anyone calls you “a coward” you almost roar… The feeling that something will be disclosed and you will be embarrassed seeks into your whole body and soul. On account of your high and mighty behaviour and airs everyone thinks you are a hero. But deep down inside you feel more wretched than the most miserable creature… Oh these fears… The worst is that now you are in a state where you don’t know anymore of what or whom you are afraid. You have become a person afraid of any special situation, event, society, in fact everything. But there are brave but gentle people around you, and you envy them, and with such hostility… This means that envy and showing-off have now become the source of food of cowards. There comes a moment when fear entirely takes you over. Now reality disappears. Psychosis starts. Everything is frightening, everyone is hostile. You may experience panic… You totally enter a state of war. Fear has infiltrated even your capillaries. There is nowhere to run. Surrender or die… What a horrific trap it is… Think of a mountaineer who is as we described… It is his destiny to one day freeze with fear on a mountain slope – he can’t go forward, he can’t climb down… And if there is no trustworthy voice around him… The brave mountaineer becomes a toy in the merciless hands of ragged nature… In that case it is clear that freedom comes by destroying fear. We have to think what we are protecting and from whom. We need to know why we are afraid. For a soul that has understood that in reality nothing, absolutely nothing in this world is permanent, a brief smile is sufficient to destroy the world of fear, I know… Imagine yourself embracing the values which you gave up in fear of being belittled… What a great reunion that is… This image is worth the world… You know that someone is not a coward not by his showing off and high airs but by his cooperative attitude. Now he is brave… He is a reference. Like a branch of the tree of life… which you hold on to if you fall…

Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan