Interesting Cases

Another Misleading Patient:  Is it Psychiatric?  Is it Neurological?

A female patient, 36, was going from door to door for a full month, and was being sent back home with one comment she heard “It is probably conversion”.

A Case of Schizophrenia!

The 64-year-old patient had been monitored for 27 years under the diagnosis of schizophrenia. According to his medical story, it was understood that he had an epileptic seizure 27 years ago. A QEEC was taken. A setback was detected in his bioelectrical activities. Other than that, no bioelectrical psychiatric profiles were observed.

A Case of Compulsion!

The female patient of forty years of age has quite a high socio-economic level. Her main complaint: constantly washing her vagina. She washed her vagina countless times every day, over two hours a day. This complaint had been continuing for almost eleven years.

A Horrendous Anger!

A 36-year-old woman from the Black Sea Region applied with the complaints of sudden anger.

MR in Psychiatry

This 14 year old male with no physical problems complained of smelling unpleasant odors for the past one year. During his psychiatric assessment he mentioned that he had compulsions in the form of tearing small pieces of paper into bits. He had thoughts of persecution, i.e. hostile thoughts about his father. Attention, concentration and memory were highly impaired. He was diagnosed with attention deficit by his previous doctor. Lack of attention had been a problem for him since he started school.

A Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Case

The psychiatric complaints of the 30 year old single woman with no background of any physical illness were as follows: