Language Development and Individual Differences in Children

Çocuklarda Dil Gelişimi ve Bireysel Farklılıklar

The phases of language development are the same all around the world; however, there are individual differences that separate people from one another. Individual differences are fundamentally divided into two groups: genetic and environmental.

In the language development, the speaking speeds of the children may vary based on genetic and environmental effects. Due to the genes the individual carries, the language development may be different from other people. For instance, it is possible to observe that the father of a late-talker child was also a late-talker.

Parents play an enormous role in the early language development in children. As per the studies, it was observed that the children of talkative parents had twice as much vocabulary as the children of quiet parents.

In the studies carried out by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), it was found out that children, who grew up in a rich environment (an environment where there is a variety of toys and a rich parental attention, etc.), had a broader vocabulary and more complex language skills compared to children who grew up in an insufficient environment.

Effects of socioeconomic status on language development

Socioeconomic status plays quite a significant role in the language development of a child. Children, who come from a low socioeconomic environment and have less communication with their parents, can have a more limited vocabulary.

Effects of parents on language development

The presence of parents, who frequently talk to their children, answer their question, read more books to them, makes a contribution to the talking skills of the child. For instance, a small child sitting at the dinner table with the family that converses with him/her will make a contribution to the child’s language development. Consequently, individual differences occur in the language development both due to genes and the environment the child lives in.

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