Manic episode

I think there is a close relationship between the human soul and economy. For example, I have witnessed that excessive ambition and heightened competitive environments affect brain physiology and trigger “manic” attacks. Remember the basic principles of economy; supply-demand and value (price)… If you believe you have unlimited production power, if you are sure that there is a great demand for your products, if the value of your product is at a point where it cannot even be measured, and where, if you wish, you can give it away for free to anyone you like, you may be going through a manic episode. How god-like, is it not? He can produce as much as he likes, give it to whom ever he wants, his products have unlimited value, he wants everyone to ask him for these… And most importantly, he is without competition! Incidentally, I would like to remind that during a manic episode people feel they possess godlike powers!