Mood Disorders

Treatment of Bipolar Depression, and Micro Changes in the Structure of Gray Matter

Bipolar Depresyon Tedavisi ve Beyaz Madde Yapısındaki Mikro Değişiklikler

Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is one of the most commonly used non-invasive methods being used to determine the integrity of the white matter. DTI measurements give rise to the thoughts that there is a prevalent change in the micro structure of the gray matter in patients with bipolar disorder (BD). A chronotherapeutic combination of total sleep deprivation (TSD) and light therapy (LT) can acutely reverse depressive symptoms in nearly 60% of the patients. Moreover, it was approved as a model antidepressant treatment to research the neurobiological correlations of the fast antidepressant response.

Neurofeedback and Depression

Neurofeedback ve Depresyon

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), also known as depression, is a mental disorder caused by social, psychological and biological factors.

Death Anxiety and Attitude Toward Death in Patients with Schizophrenia and Depression

Şizofreni ve Depresyon Hastalarında Ölüm Kaygısı ve Ölüme Karşı Tutum

Death, as for every human being, is a problem for psychiatric patients, too. Fear of death and the uncertainty about what will happen after death are seemingly an endless part of the human thinking. In patients with acute psychiatric disorders, death and attitude toward death anxiety have not been studied much, yet this topic is an existential perspective for each and every human being.

Healing of Cognitive Impairment with RTMS in Treatment-Resistant Depression

RTMS ile Tedaviye Dirençli Depresyonda Bilişsel Bozulmanın İyileşmesi

The disorder experienced by a number of individuals with depression is closely associated with the cognitive symptoms of the disorder. Cognitive impairment negatively affects various living spaces of the individual, including job, family life, social life and domestic responsibilities.

COVID-19 and Stigmatization

COVID-19 ve Damgalama

After the approval of the World Health Organization (WHO) to name the Novel Coronavirus “COVID-19” in March, this name was rapidly adopted by public health institutions. One of the reasons this naming was preferred for the disease was to prevent the virus from mistakenly associated with Wuhan and therefore with China.

Metta Meditation and Chronic Depression

Metta Meditasyon ve Kronik Depresyon

Chronic depression (CD) is a prevalent disease that has serious effects for individuals and society. In general terms, success rates and treatment effects in chronic depression patients are significantly lower compared to the non-chronic depression forms. Current treatment approaches have initially focused on diminishing the adverse effects of chronic depression and paid very little attention on encouraging the positive effect.

Acceptance – Commitment Therapy (ACT) in the Treatment of Depression and Anxiety

Depresyon ve Anksiyete Tedavisinde Kabul - Kararlılık Terapisi (ACT)

Emotional disorders, such as anxiety (anxiety disorder) and depression, are the most common psychiatric problems. Anxiety and depression are among the causes of disability around the world. The most recent estimations of the World Health Organization (WHO) show that 4.4% of the world population suffer from depression, while women have an anxiety rate of 3.6%. Furthermore, the comorbidity rate of both problems is over 50%. Even though these disorders are one of the causes of disability across the globe and lead to considerable economic, social and personal costs, only a small number of patients can receive a sufficient level of treatment.

What is Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum Depresyon Nedir?

The birth of babies brings excitement, happiness and joy. Nevertheless, approximately 60 percent of new mothers suffer from postpartum depression (PPD). This disorder could have a mild or severe course, and its symptoms include anxiety, depression, uneasiness, confusion, and crying spells as well as problems related to sleep and appetite.

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and Major Depressive Disorder

Elektrokonvülsif Terapi (EKT) ve Majör Depresif Bozukluk

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a prevalent disease that affects approximately 14% of the world population. MDD is a psychiatric disorder that causes discomfort in the individual through symptoms, such as depressive mood, impairment of concentration, difficulty in making decisions, a sense of worthlessness or guilt, sleep deprivation or hypersomnia, being incapable of enjoying life, and it requires certain treatment.

Can Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder be the same?

Bipolar Bozukluk ve Borderline Kişilik Bozukluğu Aynı Olabilir mi?

In brief, Bipolar Disorder (BP) interrupts people’s daily lives through symptoms of attention deficits, lack of insight, showing risky behaviors, inner uneasiness, and inconsistency in relationships.