Scream Therapy

In the USA, 40 million adults are diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder every year. The diversity of therapies, exercise programs and treatments goes even higher day by day for curing anxiety disorders. Scream Therapy is one of them.

A Good Childhood and a Good Life

A good life…While this expression stands for different demands and meanings from person to person, being healthy and having a stable business life and a healthy social circle seem to be ideal for many people.

Stigmatizing, “the Other”

Stigmatization, “the Other”… is the most dangerous trap that human kind has created for itself. The prevailing logic is, that the Others should not benefit from any social, economic, legal and other resources, in fact if at all possible they should die whilst living, experience hell on earth!” As we know, this is one of the approaches that psychiatric patients have to face most frequently… Being stigmatized as “the madman”…


Mourning… I want to write about what we feel when someone dies. I want to share my memories which the recent disaster in Soma, where tens and hundreds of miners died, brought up in me.


Anger… Normally anger is a healthy emotion. However, when it gets out of control and becomes destructive it turns into a problem. Blood pressure and heart rhythm increase, adrenaline and noradrenaline levels rise.


The Reason… After I wrote my thoughts on intelligence I realized that I have not understood the line between reason and intelligence very well.