Other Disorders

An Analysis of Racist Brains

Irkçı Beynin Analizi

Today, we are witnessing that neuroscience is being associated with all kinds of concepts. Any theme, any title and any concept, which makes it possible to form a bond with the functioning of the brain, can be associated with neuroscience. Even though racism and neuroscience seem to be quite irrelevant, the advancing technology and neuroimaging systems show that this judgment is not accurate that much.

Emotional Effects of the Novel Coronavirus

Yeni Koronavirus Hastalığının Duygusal Etkisi

A novel form of Coronavirus spotted in Wuhan (2019-nCoV) has caused a turmoil, affecting the entire world and growing rapidly.

What is Hypersexuality?

Hiperseksüelite Nedir?

It is important to state that sexual behavior is a normal and healthy part of the life and that many people like being active with multiple sexual partners or seeking different types of sexual experiences. Nevertheless, when sexual behavior constitutes a risk for an individual to harm themselves or others, it turns into a problem.

What are Mental Disorders?

Ruhsal Bozukluklar Nelerdir?

The question of what mental disorders actually are, is an extremely controversial question. Classification systems, such as DSM-V and ICD-11, consider mental disorders to be thoughts, feelings and behaviors causing distress (symptoms). Therefore, mental disorders are diagnosed through an evaluation at the clinic, based on the symptoms included in the diagnostic criteria. Treatments, however, aim to alleviate these symptoms through various means.

Influence of Substance Use on the Brain Structure in Adolescents

Ergenlerde Madde Kullanımının Beyin Yapısına Etkileri

Adolescence is a unique period of neurodevelopment.  Nonetheless, the use of alcohol and marijuana is quite prevalent in this period. The advancements in neuroimaging have made it possible to closely analyze the structure and functioning of the brains of adolescent substance users and to identify the circuits where neuropsychological deteriorations are present.

Sex Addiction and Treatment Techniques

Seks Bağımlılığı ve Tedavi Teknikleri

All addictions quite negatively affect the life quality of the addicts. Sex addiction is of a more sensitive structure compared to some other addictions. For instance, patients having gambling or alcohol addiction are treated by keeping them away from gambling games or alcohol, while it is more difficult to apply this method in sex addiction. Because sex is a need as long as it is within an ideal frequency.

Caffeine Addiction and Psychiatry

Being the most common stimulant used today, caffeine has become a drug that is easy to reach as a result of its excessive consumption. Considered a sub-member of the substance use disorder, caffeine addiction was classified as a clinical disorder by the World Health Organization and took its place in the DSM-5 manual under the title “substance abuse disorder”.

Internet Addicts

It has the news, it has all sorts of entertainment; excitement is in the air, travel, sex, gossips; finding the best, removing the worst, I don’t know, it’s more than we could count… But what is this?

What is Trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania is a psychiatric disorder, in which the individual pulls out his/her own hair or body hair due to uncontrollable compulsions.

Empathy and Sympathy

The empathic ability is one of the serious health indicators. It is the capacity of comprehending what others feel or think at that moment, independently of one’s own feelings and thoughts.