Social anxiety disorder (social phobia)

People with social anxiety disorder believe that in social situations they are being looked at, scrutinized and judged by other people. This produces great anxiety in the sufferers of social anxiety disorder. They try and avoid such environments, and if they cannot avoid them they refrain from participating in conversations and, for example, prefer to sit in a corner where they are least likely to draw attention to themselves. Even the thought of being in a social situation makes them anxious. Some people only become anxious in particular situations, like talking, writing, or playing an instrument in front of a crowd. Others experience anxiety in almost all social situations and environments like a restaurant, canteen, seminar room or a friends gathering, where they feel they are being looked at.

Everything about Anxiety Disorder

• What is generalized anxiety disorder?
• Why do I experience anxiety with my whole body?
• How is it diagnosed?
• What are the causes of generalized anxiety disorder?
• Methods of treatment

Everything about panic attacks

• What is a panic attack?
• What is panic disorder?
• How is it diagnosed?
• Why do people suffer from panic attacks?
• Treatment methods

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback Nedir?

Humans being a bio-psycho-sociocultural creature makes personal and diversified treatment methods a necessity. In addition to pharmacological attempts, secondary treatments and complementary methods can accelerate the solution of the problems experienced by the people in the treatment of the disorders. Neurofeedback is one of these complementary methods.

Anxiety Crisis

Anksiyete Krizi

There are cases where anxiety is quite severe.  These situations are named anxiety crisis or attacks by the public.

What is Anxiety?

Anksiyete Nedir?

Anxiety is one of the most important functions of our mental world.  It is a clear expression that our brain is in need of something.

Is it fear? Is it libido?

In my opinion fear is a bigger determining factor than libido!


What is Serotonin (Happiness hormone)?

Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that transmits electrical signals between the nerve cells, also known as the happiness hormone, is primarily found in the brain, the intestines and in blood thrombocytes. It is produced by the body.

Treatment of anxiety

Anxiety, which can be described as a state of excessive worry, apprehension and restlessness, is one of the states most commonly experienced by people. When confronted with a threat, people feel a high level of apprehension. At the same time fight or flight reactions set in when the nervous system is strongly stimulated. These establish themselves as sweating, shivering, hot flushes, numbness, palpitations, a feeling of suffocation, alienation. They are produced by the sympathetic nervous system whose task is to deal with danger.

Hypertension and psychiatry

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by circulating blood upon the walls of blood vessels.