Social Phobia and Cognitive-Behavioral Thereapy

Social anxiety disorder, which is also known as “social phobia” in daily life, is a disorder included in the group of anxiety disorders, namely the psychological disorders with the main symptoms of anxiety, fear and anxiety.

Another state of joyfulness

Another state of joyfulness… To be talkative, energetic, self-confident… To instantly produce solutions to problems. The state where creative power reaches its peak… Great ideas… The ability to simultaneously and rapidly think about more than one issue…

What is Phobia? What are the causes and methods of treatment?

Phobia is a form of stress disorder and is defined as a condition in which certain situations, living or non-living things or surroundings produce a high level of fear in the individual. Persons suffering from phobia experience certain dangers as much more threatening then these would normally require, and go to great lengths in avoiding these situations. When faced with the object of their phobia they feel a high level of anxiety which can manifest as a state of total panic or horror.

Headache and psychiatry

What is a headache?
A headache is a non-specific symptom that has a major impact on the quality of life of the sufferer. It is not possible to make a diagnosis only on the basis of headaches as a symptom.