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Social Phobia and Cognitive-Behavioral Thereapy

Social anxiety disorder, which is also known as “social phobia” in daily life, is a disorder included in the group of anxiety disorders, namely the psychological disorders with the main symptoms of anxiety, fear and anxiety.

NeuNeuropsychological Assessment and Associated Fields – I

Orientation of time and space is associated with temporal and frontal lobes. When inquiring the individual’s orientation, the functionality of “fusiform gyrus” (occipitotemporal gyrus) located in the temporal lobe and playing a part in distinguishing people’s faces.

Neuropsychological Assessment – II

We previously mentioned screening tests/short dementia batteries and behavior inventories/mood tests, some of the neuropsychological tests administered in our country. In this article, we will talk about tests that assess cognitive (concerning cognizance) functions classified as the third group.

Neuropsychological Assessment – I

Neuropsychological assessment explains the relation between cognizance and behaviors. Neuropsychological tests are used to measure mental abilities: attention, memory, calculation, language skills, planning, abstraction, judgment, etc. They are frequently administered to geriatric patients.

What is EMDR?

EMDR is the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Treatment. In 1987 Dr. Francine Shapiro discovered a relationship between eye movements and disturbing thoughts and by working with persons who underwent a trauma developed this treatment method.

What are Psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests are tools used for measuring the personality traits of the individual (Eysenck, MMPI, Myers-Briggs, Rorschach), emotional state (Beck Depression Inventory), behavior, abilities, creativity, mental capacity (Wechsler, Bayley), mental process (WISC), language and motor skills.