Short Stories

A Little Support

He was asked to see the patient in his bed. To that end, he needed to go to the burn unit of a massive hospital. So he did… The scene he was looking at was quite unpleasant. The unit was literally falling into decay. Water leaks on the walls and spider nets on the ceilings did not require a further analysis. It was simply a filthy place, and a burn unit had to have maximum protection against infections.

Being Stranded

The white ones revealing themselves from her long, dark hair, and the lines on her face didn’t let her conceal her age. Her main complaint was that she woke up very badly every morning. She couldn’t give a specific date for the start of this complaint. But she could guess the triggering event.

Where Words Fail

The pale-skinned, silent woman chose to double up and seat at the remotest corner from the physician. She had her parents with her. The father would cry his heart out during the meeting. As you can see, the mother was the only one to talk to. Therefore, most of the information would come from her.

Evil Spirits

The middle-sized, bellied, chunky man was smiling while sitting in front of the doctor. He was quite cheerful. He made a classic opening by saying “My story is a little long and complicated!” It was classical because all patients would do the same. It would be a futile effort for the physician to ask him to tell about his current complaints. In response, he started to tell from the very beginning.

Sometimes a Solutions Takes Time to Find

Hidden kisses, playing house, school desks, odorous erasers… How fast the time flew. The girl was in love with the brightest boy in the neighborhood. The depth and sorrow in the eyes of the tall, destitute man were simply touching.