A perfect person

A perfect person… We have continuously talked about illness, but what is health? It is very difficult to describe psychological health. But one has to think about it. One should not forget that even a person whose health has deteriorated to a great extent, has for sure still a healthy world inside him. That is why it is said that in every pathogenesis there is a salutogenesis.

Let us try and describe an ideal, perfect human being. They are patient, but do not ignore or try and forget things. They take other people’s interests and problems as serious as their own; they are capable of seeing the funny side of shortcomings and lacking abilities including their own; they know how to enjoy themselves. When the time comes they are able to give in to fate but work on a way out; for example in cancer they are resigned but are making a great effort. They don’t know the meaning of the word ‘spare time’; they prefer to be ordinary, to put limits to their expectations; they are curious but do not gossip; they are loyal, they do not forget what was done for them, they are forgiving, tolerant, and moderate in their criticism; they don’t have a problem with being criticised; they can foresee a difficulty and take precautions; they are not dependent on anyone else, and do not wish to deliberately make anyone dependent on them; they love or rather they can love, can enjoy being loved… The total of what is listed above defines a mature person. It is the point, the imagining of which is worth the world… What I listed above refers to the spontaneous defences which they use in their lives against their own impulses… You surely recognise in yourself a piece of each of these characteristics to a lesser or greater degree. And what about your friends, or any other person, can you observe a piece of these in them, even if it is only a small piece? In that case the goal is clear, to correct your deficiencies and become a perfect person…

Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan