Acute Stress Disorder

Acute stress disorder… It is a normal response which any person can experience after an event which the person believed to be life-threatening. In average it lasts one month.

Physiological reactions like being easily startled, sleep problems, nightmares etc. come to the foreground. Other findings: the event constantly springs to mind, and great effort is spent to take ones mind of it. Numbness, confusion, alienation… These carry particular significance, as the presence of these last findings indicate that the condition will continue beyond one month and that it could progress to a serious disorder called post-traumatic stress disorder. There are many different suggestions as to how to cope with acute stress disorder. When I think about it, maybe the best way is to take the issue out of the primitive level and quickly carry it to higher levels and more human levels. Whatever the experienced event was, it has to be diverted from the path of “resentment”, “denial” and similar, and it has to be given a meaning. And the first step for this is surely acceptance. Maybe life is so simple a game and enjoyment that its simplicity does not deserve the meaning we ascribe to it! How about that?