Beauty… The dictionary describes it as a quality that produces a feeling of aesthetic pleasure, excitement, liking; a kind word or act, goodness, kindness: something that through its moral and intellectual qualities evokes admiration.

To tell the truth, beauty is a concept that is being discussed for hundreds of years. There is no agreement on its definition. It is one of the fundamental subjects of philosophy. However, based on my own experience I can say that from the most complex to the simplest, any reality conveyed with beauty leaves a permanent mark, whereas something conveyed in a coarse manner through rough methods evaporates and disappears. Conveying facts through a narrative, conveying figures and complex equations through colours, historical facts through film leaves such deep traces. What I mean by conveying with beauty can also be read as an artistic expression, something esthetical. A science that has reached the stage of art is a great pleasure for readers or listeners. Once I conducted a scientific research on the psychological reactions to earthquake experiences. I established that during such traumatic periods people are constantly on guard and are alert even in their sleep. I demonstrated that the startle responses are an indication of this. Whilst I was conveying this plain, simple and ordinary fact, I utilized the archives of a press agency, and for 72 hours with great pleasure and excitement and without any sleep I scanned through all their recordings and produced a short-length film. I presented the result of the research in two parts at a scientific meeting in America, the first part being the simple fact shown in figures, the second part the short film… It was an unbelievably pleasant experience; people watched it as if they were watching a theatre play, and applauded for minutes. Scientific presentations do not usually receive this level of interest. There were also Turkish scientists amongst us who may be reading this text. The presentation is still remembered and the scenes of people being startled are still mentioned. When I think about it, how clever it would be if people and primarily oneself approached the whole of human kind, nature and everything else as if they were creating a work of art. The chances of getting results would increase. The way to improve people and ourselves is surely not by displaying our bad and negative traits in a hard, cruel manner, devoid of aesthetics, roughly rubbed down… To improve positive and good traits by beauty and keep them constantly on the agenda is definitely a better option. What is your opinion, which one would you prefer?