Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan

Being a master

Being a master… The concept of a master applies to absolutely every area of life. Master cook, master player, master painter, master gambler etc. etc… There are things about the master that make him different. Most importantly, in the relationship between luck and mastership the scale tips towards mastership…

In other words, the less you rely on luck in your dealings the more mastery you have. Setting the luck factor to zero is almost a utopia, therefore every master knows that there are masters better than him… Here humility springs to mind, does it not? A real master is so humble that people who see him think he is an apprentice… I said he does not leave things to luck, but how does he do that? As we know, each work has a set of or even innumerable rules. The master has spent his life determining these rules – of course those rules other than the ones he learned of his own master… The fine work starts at the point that does not conform to the rules, and what I call luck is exactly that point. How many doors he knocked until he became a master, how many helping hands reached out to him… Calloused hands! Hands that deserve to be kissed! Do you know what lies at the heart of the master-apprentice relationship? The master of masters is not only the one who teaches the rules, but he also throws light onto how these rules are arrived at. In my opinion this is what in fact education should be like. And what is mastership in psychology? The most important thing is to be hard-working and respect one’s own master and other people… The master gets entranced whilst listening to the symphony that is hidden in the work that he is doing… There he feels what kind of system makes the universe turn… He sees that nothing happens out of the blue, that everything has a reason… As he enters the finer details of his work he experiences that he is a “nothing” but that he in spite of this receives such great respect; the master feels great embarrassment. The more he realizes that everything in the work he does is secret but at the same time there is nothing, he starts questioning the meaning of life in the deepest sense… Mastership reaches a point where he is forced to become the philosopher of the work he does. Nowadays the work of masters is becoming even harder as technology is aiming at maximum victory against the luck factor. But it should not be forgotten that humans limit technology but the universe limits humans. What I am saying is, that a real master knows that technology is not a reference or a measure for the master but only a tool at the most… How wonderful it is to live as master in a world where the respect for masters increases and there is a greater abundance of masters! Could there be a better formula for enjoying yourself like crazy? There are secrets behind every error of ours, each error opens new horizons, and each day you sail on a different ocean with the wind behind you… What more can I say? This time I would like to finish here by saying: salute to the masters…

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