Dreams and the future

Dreams and the future… A difficult subject… I want to deal with the subject using a logical approach. It is clear that if you know the precursor of an event, there is a possibility that you can foresee it. Is this not also the science of statistics? If you know all the precursors you can make a 100% correct guess. As far as medicine is concerned, mankind is ready to settle for 95%. In technical sciences this figure reaches 99%. It is almost a godlike power, is it not? Now we come to dreams. I know from experience that humans really do think in their dreams… they solve problems… and sometimes even work on serious mathematical problems… they link together past events and produce scenarios. I am sure that many of you are now saying: “that’s true; I have also solved problems in my dreams”. If we know a meaningful part of the precursors, and if we are solving problems in our dreams, why should we not believe people who claim that they saw the future? It seems to me that the likelihood of a good observer seeing the future in his dreams is even higher… Very mysterious, is it not?