Elitism and us

Elitism and us… It means that persons who come from a certain ancestry and have a high intellect, or who have wealth, received a private education and have experience or have other superior attributes, are those who govern.

Anti-elitism including populism is the name given to many thoughts that oppose elitism. Have a look at the events in Turkey. Which economic, political or ideological foundation are they based on? In my opinion none of these… the correct answer must be that they are based on a psycho-social process… Have you ever been alienated? Being treated as the “other”? Have you found yourself disadvantaged because of your education or rather because you failed to receive education, mostly because you were not able to obtain it? Did your peers ever make a fool of you? Did you miss out on the leniency that from primary school onwards was shown to the elite children? Were you condemned to a life out of sight, without love and affection? Did you even in your dreams feel perceive yourself as worth less than the lapdog of an elite person? Did you then think “what is the state of mind of these people?” Just listen to the lamentation in arabesque music, have a look at the ratings of the “rich girl-poor young man” films… Or don’t bother, I will tell you: These souls harbour more anger than a volcano… Once it flares up you will have to wait until it dies out… Those people come together as if they have known each other for hundreds of years… and bulldoze through every value relating to the elite; you witness how all intellectual values are smashed to the ground. It seems as if they prefer to perish rather than live in such a system… I believe that we have such a social dynamic. I observe that the period is not permitted to create it’s own elite. But I have to admit that the movement has internal consistency. The resentment of hundreds of years has now stepped into action. There is nothing that can be done other than to wait until its energy dies out. For certain, there will be an end to this course of events. At some point science and technology will reveal its universal power. It will be understood that those who hold it in their hands, do not discriminate amongst classes… My wish is that the process ends without damaging itself too much and that elitism is condemned without ever coming back to life. And may its child ‘populism’ be buried next to it… I say that if the society we live in underwent psychoanalysis as a whole I am sure we would see that the main conflict is between “elitism” and “anti-elitism”. One final word; what I have written above does not mean that our society is against intellectual values, art, or science. However what it should be understood as is that our society is unwilling to put up with being trashed by a group with influential contacts who are under a belief fraught with serious consequences that shared production like science-art etc is a monopoly. And to think that our people are stupid is absolutely impossible. How can the grandchildren of Nasrettin Hoca be stupid? At the most, it is all down to their minds having been censored by the elite group and putting themselves in chains due to the prejudice: “I don’t understand anything anyway!” If only we would all become aware rapidly that “religion” is not the only universal value, and that we ourselves lie behind everything that exists…

Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan