Envy…. is defined as an emotion where a person gets upset when others are lucky and is glad when others suffer misfortune.

When this emotion is experienced, the deeper structures of the brain (the cingulate cortex) start operating. We know that envy is a very ancient emotion… It is claimed that envy is associated with feelings of inadequacy… However, when I think about it, I would say it is the disease of spirits who do not like to share. If you are saying “All of it should be mine!” including things that are not a product of your labour, if you have strongly experienced sibling jealousy, you may somewhere deep down have a predisposition to being racked with jealousy… What is the sense in burning with envy? Instead of enjoying through sharing a life filled with love… And there is such a higher level, where there are those who say “as there is death, as even tribes come to an end, nothing in the universe not even our “body” belongs to us”! To be one of those people… it is only those we should be envious of!