Foolishness! Has there ever been an occasion where you said “Oh, what a foolish person I am!” I can almost hear you say “Many times!” When you look closer you see that you went out hunting and were hunted yourself, and you called it foolishness!

Don’t remain immersed in thought… and don’t be sad. Because the whole of humanity, in other words all of us are both foolish and shrewd.

If I said “The most foolish one of us the shrewdest” it would be indicated. Don’t ask “how so?” and get completely confused my friends. When you say foolishness, are you in fact not saying that in spite of what you gave, a desire of yours did not get fulfilled? Especially if “for tactical reasons!” you did not expose your aim, do you then not feel that the foolishness factor has reached unbearable levels? And do you then not walk from door to door in order to expose the person who made a fool of you? In fact, do you not run to the therapist because your soul just won’t cool down? Or keep yourself going with the help of injections and drugs?

Come on my friends, let us not play too offensive and receive many goals. And let us not convict ourselves afterwards to the worst feeling in the world. Let us pay attention to the balance of offence and defence. If in spite of all our balanced approach we still receive a goal then let us not call it “foolishness” and damage our human dignity. Let us just say “Things like this happen!” and laugh it off.

I say that “those we made fools of are those who make us dumbfounded with foolishness”. And I also find it indicated and necessary to caution by saying “Let us not go hunting and become the hunted”; “Let us not receive head injuries from unexpectedly thrown stones”…

It is good to be one of those people who do not make fools of anyone else, who are not after 5 mince-balls for 3 pennies but content themselves with what is provided…

And then there are those who give without looking after their own interests. These are such high souls, they do not ever know what foolishness is…

Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan