Friendship… at each age it carries a different meaning. As a child, toys, which you would not share with anyone else, you share with your friend…

During youth you become bonded by love, you chase the same ideals… In your adult years you share your life… When you get older and the load of worries on your shoulders becomes lighter you really start appreciating its importance. How expected and how welcome friendship is during an illness… In short, friendship is the warmth you feel in your heart. Your interests, your past and your values are shared ones. The only thing you expect is support and encouragement. You promise each other mutual happiness. A friend is someone for whom you can make concessions to your principles, someone who elevates you, covers up your shortcomings… A friend prefers forgiveness to revenge. I can see that friendship is something like lifeblood. In its presence you feel that you are alive, you are exalted; in its absence you are like a dry branch. This means that the more friendships you have or the deeper your friendships are the more alive you are… I just remembered something my father used to say, which all over sudden made me very emotional. He used to say “the most important thing is communication”… and he used to add “otherwise it does not matter if you are alive or dead!”… In conclusion I think I can safely say that you have as much psychological health as you have friends… Do you think I am wrong?

Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan