Hatred… From a psychological aspect it is said that people hate things that prevent their pleasure… Or, the source of hatred are things that give excessive or pathological pleasure and enkindle internal conflicts. For example, the person may hate people, images, thoughts, emotions or anything else that fuels complexes of an incestual nature…

Maybe you hate everything that contradicts the templates in your head, or those things which you don’t understand and which require an effort to understand. Hatred is a destructive feeling. You aim to destroy the object of your hate. If I try and look at it from a sociological point of view, it seems to me the person, class or nation that starts to be afraid of losing the surplus value it is holding or its privileges, hates the person, class or nation that is causing this threat. From a biological aspect one hates things that threaten one’s emotional or physical integrity. It is also said that the feeling of hatred is operated from the middle frontal gyrus of the frontal lobe of the brain. This means that sometimes hatred can be protective but mostly it is a pathological and destructive feeling. And it is not a short-term feeling either. Once there, it sticks and stays. It should also be remembered that the object of hatred can be suppressed and forgotten, and can only be reached by returning to its source through things that recall it. The fact that there is a need to suppress and forget it means that the human being does not want to hate! Do you agree? Some of you are probably saying yes, others are objecting strongly… Those who are objecting, I can almost hear them say: “How the subconscience gets rekindled when the right environment is there to pay back the hated object”… But have a look at all the wars. Instantaneous incidents where hatred is at its peak… Oh, this insatiable hatred! Yet others say that higher souls are those cleansed of hatred. Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables in some way describes souls that are trying to cleanse themselves of hatred. Is that no so? Do we not have to distance ourselves from all crippling emotions if we want to grasp the truth? Is hatred not foremost amongst these? Now put everything to one side and have a look at your own soul… Meet your hatred and try and observe how it stamps on love and walks all over it. Compare your gain from hatred to your gain from love… Now approach it from a different angle; does there merit in being someone who is loved or in being someone who is hated? The answer is clear, is it not? Then why do we not make a start somewhere? Of course it befits you and us to be amongst the higher souls… As to protective hatred, the best action would be to give it up when required… and to say: I can do without that one!

Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan