Hospital admission in schizophrenia

If it is a severe case of schizophrenia, the patient has to be admitted to hospital. This will ensure that the patient is under the supervision of experienced staff, is diagnosed properly and the most appropriate treatment is determined and commenced.

Hospital admission and regular follow-up

Hospital admission prevents the patient from harming himself or others, and gives the family the time they are in need of. The disease is stabilized and the patient is then discharged.

Regular follow-up reduces the likelihood of readmission to hospital, provides support to the patient and his family, and develops empathy.

Follow-up requires the patient’s permission, but for hospital admission the family’s approval is sufficient.

The usual denial of the disease and lack of insight make a hospital admission difficult for the families. The help of the police force and/or ambulance doctors have to be employed if necessary.

The concern that “the patient will react when he comes to his senses” is entirely unfounded.