Humour… Is one of the most important defence mechanisms and has the ability to heal the human psyche. What a wonderful thing it is to be able to produce humour out of a hopeless situation, without being sarcastic or humiliating anyone else.

It can even make you forget your toothache… When you lose your eye sight you suddenly feel you should be reviewing everything. If you suffer from a cat phobia you come across not a hundred but hundreds of thousands of cats on the road every day! If you are a “borderline” with bad relationships, human beings are just a crowd incapable of understanding you, with their IQ’s only reaching around 70. If your tendency to materialize increases you believe in a connection between human personality and the length of the thumb of a left hand! When your money gets stolen, everyone owes the thief money anyway! When you get old and can’t make it to the toilet on time and pee in your pants you notice that it is a blessing that your mother is no longer alive! If you visit a close friend who suffers from cancer, you believe that it is a boost to his morale when you say “everyone wants to die sometimes!”… When on the TEM motorway and especially in the Istanbul traffic someone suddenly and at full speed cuts across from one lane to another you can’t resist saying “what an agile and lively personality he has!” I remember a patient of mine who stood up against stigmatization, which is one of the major problems in mental disease, by using humour. She believes to have a relationship with George W. Bush and adds that she is the only patient of mine who has managed that! Believe it or not, this patient was never stigmatized and with this trait never will… What I am trying to say is this: If you want to end a problem you have to find something to laugh about… I think this must be one of the privileges of being human… I don’t think I am wrong but I still wanted to ask…

Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan