Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan

Indecisiveness and its painful consequences

Indecisiveness and its painful consequences… Let us think together. Why would a person be indecisive? Many reasons spring to mind. He may be a coward, the information may be insufficient, the reference may be inadequate, in other words the criteria missing; something better may be desired, or all of it may be wanted etc etc…

And what is the worst that can happen to an indecisive person? The answer is probably that he will lose his freedom. Because, if you are indecisive someone else will decide on your behalf. And all over sudden you see that one of the options becomes reality, and you don’t know what happened. If things go well you consider yourself lucky, if not you find someone to blame. So it is clear that being decisive requires energy, courage, initiative, responsibility, information, vision, education, a healthy personality, the ability to make do with less; in short it is a matter of the heart. Sometimes it is necessary to respect decisions that also affect you, but even then one has to know what is right and what is wrong and if necessary show opposition. At the end of the day, to voice your own comments is also a matter of decision and courage. And what about changing a decision when you see it is wrong? That in fact is called a state of higher consciousness. Because at that moment the person is aware that he is conscious. As you can see, the issue is becoming more complex. But now that we have started there is no harm in making it a bit more confusing. For example, the other who made the decision for you could be someone whom you carry in you psyche like a foreign object. It is not difficult to understand this. If you are frequently asking yourself “what would he say if he were in my place?” then oh dear, it means you have been captured from the inside. In other words, your freedom is totally lost. There are no worthless people but there are certainly more valuable ones. Can a free person be the same as captured one? Can a slave and a free person be the same? This means that you are as valuable as your rightful decisions… When I read this text from beginning to end I see that our starting point was quite different from where we ended up… We were never content, we wanted it all, we failed to find ourselves an ideal, we were left without criteria, we did not read, we did not think, we became uninformed and ignorant, we were overwhelmed by our fears, we became unable to decide, we lost our freedom, we became slaves… And the worst is that we lost the higher consciousness that is characteristic of higher souls and we became unable to perceive the awareness of being enslaved… One feels like saying: by God, look where indecisiveness brought this giant of a person… This article makes one think that the worst decision is still better than indecisiveness… You thought of history, I know, and democracy, I guess… But my intention in this article was not to make a social political analysis but a psychological one! In the political system you make a decision once every 3-4 years, whilst for yourself you have to do this every moment, and therefore my aim was to draw attention to a more difficult process…

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