Intelligence… In general it is defined as the ability to reason, to solve problems, to learn… Maybe it is one of the words that amongst the variables in human psychology has to the greatest extend become a balm to daily language.

In my opinion intelligence is something like this: first you recognize a need, then you look for resources to satisfy that need, thereafter you investigate the relationship between the facts and events that could lead you to those resources, you determine the appropriate method, time and place, you establish which of the methods is the quickest, most economic and least harmful path. Finally you take action and satisfy your need. That is not all, you look at the outcome to see what you have gained or lost through it and in this way you gain experience. You draw lessons from your own experiences and learn from them.

Novels, films and all areas of art and science contain countless examples for this process. Remember the novel “Butterfly”, the clever methods which the convict used to escape from the island! And how well Edgar Allan Poe reflects mind games… Another learning process is learning from the experiences of others. Your intelligence allows you to feel the warmth of being human. If however your expectations exceed your needs, if you tend to use resources that belong to others, if for example you are harming nature which belongs to humanity, if you are too lazy to investigate the relationship between events and facts, if you made a habit out of using other people’s intelligence, if you are searching for solutions at inappropriate times in inappropriate places, and finally if you are inactive and still think you are intelligent, I would say you have a problem! On the other hand, if apart from your own needs you use your intelligence with regard to the needs of others, if you draw universal conclusions from events and facts and arrive at the sublime truth, you might be a “genius” in a certain field. That would be wonderful, would it not? I would like you to believe that it is not impossible…