Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan

What is Love?

Love… Is it possible to write so much and not mention love? Not to give it any attention? It cannot be. Love is a tremendous loyalty. You devote yourself unconditionally. It is perhaps the strongest of feelings… Like a crazy, unbreakable chemical reaction between you and the object of your love. You may suddenly find yourself in it, or it may grow over time…

You feel that life is meaningful. Death loses its significance. Your heart beats faster. It is also that something which you can’t reach, the moment when you find the truth in your heart. You feel that you have escaped the grip and clamps of your brain. Love is a magnificent freedom. There are thing that someone who has not experienced love cannot understand. Like the meaning of life. For instance, you feel the infiniteness of your energy. In love there is nothing you can’t achieve. It is as if you are flying. Love is making love in the depth of space, under the sparkle of the stars and to a deep and transcendent music. In one sense it is Nirvana. It is ecstasy. Once experienced, it is a condition you will want to experience again and again, in fact until you die. In love, time becomes a toy; with love it reaches the speed of light, without love it seems like a cumbersome substance that does not to move. You can’t bear being even a single minute late to a rendezvous. When you are with the loved one you can talk for hours, even days; in fact you can just sit there doing nothing, looking in each other’s eyes. The place? Don’t make me laugh! Can in love there be a place? There is no time, no place. But what about other people? Actually, did you know, in love they don’t exist either. This means that all dimensions are turned totally upside down. If there is any feeling stronger than this, it should declare itself! How happy are those who have tasted love, how happy those who continue experiencing it until the day they die. How happy are those who are united with their loved one… There are some people, they have eyes but do not see, they have ears but do not hear. These are the real poor who have not experienced love. At a time when your psychological health is not in a good state, look at your past. If you have experienced love, have no doubt you have the potential to regain your health… I am that sure… To be able to love – what does it mean? It is surely the most important tool. And Love… is like a volcanic mountain of a soul higher than the highest… Just when you think it has gone out! It harbours such a majestic potential… When you read or think of love you feel dizzy. Just like you and I feel right now… And you instantly think of Mevlana. Love is the most beautiful, highest ability granted by God to mankind. I hope you have not entered deep thoughts. Because I would like to remind once more, that love can only be understood with your heart, by living it, not by thinking about it…

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