Money and Human Psychology or an Issue of Money and Happiness

Para ve İnsan Psikolojiisi veya Para ve Saadet Meselesi

Managing the money is a matter of psychology, a matter of education and a matter of culture in one aspect. Education must be done through guiding. Therefore, I’m writing this article with the expectations to make a slight contribution at specific points that can probably be guessed easily.

I asked about his father’s current situation to one of my patients who said “He had so much money that he would set banknotes on fire to light his cigarette up…”. He said “We would have been starving if I my mother hadn’t worked as a caregiver, Sir.” .

I have heard a great many words on money in my lifetime. I have listened to many stories. This matter is right at the heart of the fight, it is natural…

The anecdote I told about above was one of the most striking ones. Another one had gambler’s psychology who would put all in, including his watch, without batting an eye. In both cases, money was completely devalued.

Another attitude is stinginess. I know poor fellows, who fully respect your efforts, and I know gigantic industrialists, who routinely negotiate the examination price or offer to make the half of the payment when the “job” is done and only if they regain their health.

I know landlords who consider money as a show of strength, a way to buy people.

There are many parasites bullying people with other people’s money. I have come across extremely demanding swindlers who did not make the payment although they said “I will pay for it” when they sent me patients.

I have witnessed that thievery could be directly caused by physiological reasons, or by psychological reasons like the case of the fictitious character Jean Valjean, who stole bread due to hunger, along with many memories of children who actually steal their fathers’ love from their pockets…

I have witnessed those who are constantly curious about my income, who consider money as a matter of success, a tool of rating, a criterion of value.

You can witness those who pay their employees less than they deserve, after they threaten them with firing them if they oppose anything. The biggest penalty they suffer from is the fact that they cannot sleep in peace at night in fears that they cannot reach the performance and therefore the profit they expect to reach, and that they might draw reactions from employees and sometimes from the state. .

Those who give their employees more than they deserve suffer the same fate like those who ride the high horse and rest on their laurels when they make more money than expected.

Those who take big risks in their investments, those who are extremely cautious, those who make money through interest on their seats, those who take “win-win” as a principle, and many more…

Addressing people’s sense of sympathy, conscience and religious feelings, beggars are virtually a part of the life.

Swindlers hunt people’s hopes and dreams. Think about Sülün Osman who sold the Galata Bridge to grifters. They wouldn’t fall flat on their faces as pickpocketing increases in the society.

There are those who spend all their money for their own pleasure, while on the other hand, there are those who spend their entire wealth on charity and end up empty-handed when they need help.

The list goes on and on. In fact, the human-money relationship always finds a spot in psychology. Therefore, it’s an endless topic.

When attempting to make money off of money, one must remember that not a single bank or money lender guarantees people to make a lot on them.

I shared the same flat with rich, British nationalist scientists who decided not to participate in kitchen expenses due to a slight increase in inflation in their country during those days. I had conversations with a scientist who cut short their holidays in America as their father, who is a German billionaire, said “It’s more than expensive!”. From them, I understood that national interests must be taken into account while evaluating the money.

I comprehended that it’s a shame to be full while one’s neighbor is hungry, and that helping the neighbor reach a state, where they can show their values as well, would shift the economy to fourth gear. I salute those who pay attention not to stain their honor while doing this. It is not possible to forget about the lesson given by an old man I tried to buy a bagel for. I remember him saying “Do you think you know me judging by the broken coat I wear?”.

Excessively exaggerating one’s own values causes serious disappointments. For instance, in bipolar disorder, money is literally wasted away.

In obsession, money is controlled firmly. There is an obsession to save, which brings fear of losing to extreme levels.

While money loses its importance in depression, a depressive gambler uses it as a drug. They let themselves go.

Antisocial convicts become ward masters.

In many cases, money is not as important as it is considered to be. When it is aimed to make contributions to humankind, it is possible to see those devoting their lives to great causes, such as art, science and similar other values.

Sometimes, one can encounter complicated situations. Those, who consider themselves of great value and then are forced to discard themselves, look like bonito fish thrown away by fishermen to increase its value!

Using people through money is one of the biggest risks, which renders those people unable to assess the real value of the efforts. One day, they end up being oppressed by the men they used. So, it means being well-off is easier when doing one’s own job without laziness and excessive greed.

To sum up, the relationship with money reflects the personality, feelings and mentality of a person. It mirrors that person. Therefore, one must achieve their own psychology and determine their weaknesses and positive attributes in their relationship with money.

Apparently, evaluating the money in hand is as important as earning that money.

However, beyond all, there is death at the end, maybe it is God who owns everything. Happy are the ones who, with this fact in mind, use money as a tool for natural, national, universal and individual development. Development is to have the biggest advantage with minimal losses… It is required to produce constantly, increase the quality of the production, put people on the axis and evaluate the earnings through investments by knowing how to say enough and putting importance on achieving the optimum, and without exaggerating ourselves, employees, or the money itself.

For the last time, I would like to remind that it is required to consider money as a deposit entrusted by God, treat it as a sensitive baby to be grown, moderately protect those who have a right on that deposit.

These are my humble opinions…