Aphorism: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder… According to DSM measures, it is the disorder of people who believe themselves to be very important, who exaggerate their own successes and abilities, who have dreams of unlimited power, intelligence and beauty, who believe that they are unequalled and could only be understood by other special and superior persons, who want to be admired and believe they should always be granted privileges, who use their relationship with other people to their own advantage and utilize the weaknesses of others in order to reach their goal, who are unable to feel empathy, unwilling to recognize and define emotions and needs of others, who most of the time are envious of others or believe that others are envious of him, who have an impertinent and conceited attitude.

They can feel injured even by the smallest criticism directed against them. Due to the risk of being defeated they are reluctant to enter activities that require competition. Because of this attitude they can find themselves at a lower work and social level than would normally be expected of them. Unfortunately one of a hundred people around us has this disorder. In brief, they want to be at the very front, the favourite and the only one. When they fail to meet their goal, or even when they come across the simplest obstacle they can become aggressive, angry, they can lose touch with reality and may even suffer a psychosis. Never mind being in a lower position, they are even unable to tolerate being compared to someone they believe to be in a lower position. They love categorizing people and stigmatizing them with various belittling accusations. The only thing that can be done against their aggression is to ignore them. It is believed that the reason why people become like this is because they have not been told “well done” often enough, particularly during their childhood when it is needed most. When I think about it, it is as if these people are saying “if nobody loves me then I will love myself!” With the help of a personality analysis applied long-term patiently by a doctor it is possible to get results. A patient of mine was harbouring serious hostility towards well educated, intellectual persons. But he was also trying to imitate them. He was in such a state that he was trying to hide his own religious and similar cultural values and was very afraid of disclosing them. He believed that if he did, he would be belittled. After years of patiently applied treatment he made peace with his real identity, he saw that he was not humiliated and regained his health…

Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan