Narcissistic personality disorder

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

Narcissistic personality disorder is the subject of fairy tales.

The fact that it is one of the major health problems of today’s modern world, makes one wish that it occurred only in fairy tales. Unfortunately it is very common amongst us …

Who is a narcissist? Maybe there is no need to define them, they are known to everybody. They say: “I am everything” “everything is mine …”. There is no trace of empathy. They are not aware of the pain they inflicts on others. They are intolerant to being judged. At the slightest hindrance they feels demoralized and can even develop a psychosis. They are removed from reality.

They crave for a stimulus and constantly aim at obtaining recognition and approval. It seems as if they are hungry for love. The fact that others may have the same needs, does not concern them.

They do not refrain from using other people for their own gains. These may even be his own wife and children.

Fame and honour are very important to them, they decorate their daydreams with these.

Their relationships are superficial.

In reality these people are in deep isolation and pain, and need psychiatric support. Their condition is regarded as a disorder that requires treatment.

Psychotherapy is based on the analysis of personality. These people who are at risk of developing a depression or psychosis, should be offered appropriate treatment.

It is recommended to act swiftly in providing help as people with narcissistic personality disorder are at high risk of suicide or substance dependency.