Paranoid personality disorder

If you say to yourself “There is no one in this world I can trust! Everybody is against me. Being exploited is my fate!”, there may be an underlying problem. If events cause a high degree of mistrust in you accompanied by a tendency to be easily offended, and if this has been the case as far back as you can remember, then it is very likely that the problem is a “paranoid personality disorder”.

If you believe that events and conversations have hidden meanings, if you feel belittled or threatened, then the probability is even higher. If you bear grudges, claim to be intolerant to injustice, and lastly, if you are convinced your spouse is being unfaithful to you, then the diagnosis is almost certain.

They do not like to be criticised but love to criticise others.

There are no delusions or hallucinations, the pattern of thought is preserved. Frequency of occurrence in the population is around 2.5 %.

They easily lose self-confidence. This leads to a depression. Depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder often accompany this illness.