Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder

When democracy in the family ends you can expect every kind of psychopathology. For example, passive aggressive personality disorder. I am talking about persons who instead of showing their anger openly use passive methods, like leaving their duties waiting; doing the exact opposite of what is requested or expected of them. Remember your childhood years. If your parents often intruded into your space saying “he locked himself into his room again! – let’s see what he wrote in his diary” and similar, and if furthermore they punished you for your democratic and justified reaction, what choice has the child have but be passive aggressive? Solution? The answer is of course to give reassurance that the relationship is a democratic one… To say; “when you are in the right, show your reaction at the right scale, there will be no punishment for this!” By the way, I have seen children who do not openly show their anger but put drugs into their father’s food … Don’t say I didn’t tell you…

Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan