Suggestion and the brain

I believe that the relationship between being open to suggestion and deprivation and poverty has a biological foundation. As we know, everything in the brain entails an interaction between receptors and ligands. A ligand is a chemical material, for instance a drug, hormone or similar, that initiates an effect in the brain. A receptor means a receiver and it is the protein molecule to which the ligand binds itself. This is followed by changes inside the cell and by simulation or suppression in the nerves… Generally the amount of receptors increases as the amount of ligands decreases. This creates an increased interest in the object one is deprived of; in other words increases suggestibility. For example, with regard to antipsychotic drugs used in psychosis, look at the placebo effect that increases with the severity of the disease… Be careful when it comes to promises given with regard to the things you feel deprived of! To fall for such promises unfortunately seems to be a disposition which at times is inescapable… There is only one solution left and that is willpower! A brake mechanism, the most advanced of which is found in humans…

Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan